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Texas Cops and Kids, Inc., d/b/a Texas Cops and Communities, Inc. was established in 2000 as a non-profit organization that provided after-school tutorial services for underprivileged children in hyper-poverty neighborhoods in Houston's inner city.  Our mission was to empower young minds in high crime neighborhoods to achieve personal and educational success by developing interpersonal relationships with law enforcement, educators, community leaders and dedicated citizens. Texas Cops and Kids Inc., became certified to train police officers to become mentors in hyper poverty communities through our national partners with Kids at Hope, Big Brothers Big Sisters as well as Volunteer Houston.

During our initial operation, former Houston Police Chief - Harold Hurtt granted overtime pay to police officers who volunteered their time mentoring minority youth at our participating schools because he understood the power of police presence during the early child developmental stages in effort to close the social distance gaps that typically promote discord between cops and minorities in disadvantage communities. 

Pro-Bono President/CEO

Noel Pinnock has been involved with Texas Cops & Kids, Inc., since its development and implementation. He served as the Executive Director and provided operational leadership to support , teachers, students, parents, and partners that worked collectively to change life trajectory of young people at Bastian and Hartsfield Elementary schools. 
There is nothing more rewarding in life than to find yourself by losing yourself in service to others. Noel has been a compass to thousands of individuals, both young and seasoned, who leveraged his guidance and purpose-driven skills to advance both their careers and lives forward. Whether in the classroom as a former middle school teacher, graduate school professor, or community organizer, Noel finds his life’s mission steeped in these spaces as a catalyst and a broker for others.
Noel is a published author and recognized expert with over 25 years of experience in transforming under performing companies into positions of prosperity and optimum value. He specializes in strategic, operational, and tactical services. As a nationally certified public manager, he has been responsible for overseeing many large-scale organizational transformations.
Noel earned his Master of Public Administration from Texas Southern University in one of the first cohorts in the School of Public Affairs. He served the scholars, families, and communities in the Houston Independent School District for over 18 years before beginning his new journey with the City of Houston, where he was the first-ever African American and the youngest Chief Executive Learning Officer, overseeing the learning and development stock of over 22K employees.
In 2014, Noel was tapped to lead former President Barack Obama’s national initiative, which quickly became a local movement in the City of Houston. Under Noel's leadership, Houston's response to the former president's challenge progressed to be one of the most functional and comprehensive models across the country in a crowd of 200 active jurisdictions purposed to eliminate barriers and expand ladders of opportunities for youth, families, and communities.
Noel is known for his creativity, energy, deep-rooted spiritually, motivational speaking, and servant-leadership.

Grant Capitalization

Grant Award History - Noel Pinnock has worked with over 250 agencies and have led grant development efforts that have generated millions of dollars in value added resources to support social justice efforts in and around the Houston metropolitan area. Bulleted below are just a few awards that have been granted as  result of his leadership and strategic focus. 

  • All Ways Up Foundation | Reach: $1M | Duration: 2 years | Source: Foundation
  • Obama Foundation | Reach: $250K | Duration: 2 years | Source: Foundation
  • Prevention Institute | Reach: $10K | Duration: 1 year | Source: Non-profit Grant (National)
  • CDC 1605 | Reach: $2M | Duration: 5 years | Source: Federal Grant
  • Harris County DA’s Office | Reach: $400K | Duration: 2 years | Source: Asset Forfeitures
  • Harris County Sheriff’s Office | Reach: $40K | Duration: 1 year | Source: Pilot Funding Conversion
  • Political Grassroots Organizing | Reach: $10K | Duration: 1 year | Source: Private & PAC
  • Episcopal Health Foundation (Y-ABC) | Reach: $150K | Duration: 2 years | Source: Foundation
  • Library Museum Institute | Reach: $150K | Duration: 2 years | Source: Foundation (Mix)
  • Episcopal Health Foundation (Basics) | Reach: $514K | Duration: 3 years | Source: Foundation
  • Mentor National | Reach: $50K | Duration: 1 year |Source: Non-profit (National)

 Past & Current Partners 

Our Serving Board of Directors

Board Chair
Michael Adams, Ph.D.

Texas Southern University 

Board Vice Chair
Paul Feiler, Ph. D.

Berkeley Research Group, LLC

Board Treasurer
Tiffany Pinnock, BS

Administration of Justice 

Board At-large #1
Fred Taylor, CEO

Ready God Signs and Printing Services

Board At-large #2
Filling Vacancy

Board At-large #3
Lowell Pinnock, Licensed Realtor

American Home Place Developer

Board At-large #4
Chris Sears, Broker

The Sears Group

Board At-large #5
 Posey, MD

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