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TEXAS COPS & COMMUNITIES, INC., is a Non-Profit 501 (c) (3), that exists as a backbone to build capacity in communities, to close the social distance gaps between law enforcement and citizens, to empower young minds achieve personal and educational success by developing interpersonal relationships with law enforcement, educators, community leaders, and concerned and dedicated citizens.




Texas Cops & Communities, Inc. Celebrates Restoration 
Restore Police Officers F-5 Overturned!

Janavian "JC" Chocklin came to Texas Cops & Communities, Inc., in need of support in his wrongful separation with a tarnished Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) F-5 Report, which can adversely impact his ability to continue his career in law enforcement.  The F-5 Report must classify the circumstances under which the licensee separated from the agency by stating whether the licensee was honorably discharged, generally discharged, or dishonorably discharged. We're excited to announce today, December 31, 2021, that JC's F5 Report was overturned just in time to celebrate the new year and continue his career in law enforcement. His F5 Report was overturned from a 'DISHONORABLE' discharge to a 'HONOREABLE' discharge
JC thanks God and Texas Cops and Communities, Inc. for our advocacy and support. We salute you sir!
Click HERE to learn more about F5 and your rights as a Texas peace officer governed under Local Government Code 143 as well as your rights to APPEAL your F5!
Together...We are the Solution!

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Instructor-led SB30 training that equips cops/civilians with essential skills to improve relationships.

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Collective impact is a powerful tool that can create synergistic relationships among justice serving non-profits.


Advocacy at the local, state, and federal levels is essential in pushing comprehensive policy policing reform.


Everyone needs support when presented with a situation that involves  misconduct or violations.

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