Police Whistleblower*


We are supporting "good" police officers who are seeking to hold "bad" police officers accountable. This is an independent group of law-abiding citizens and former police officers who want to ensure the transparency and equity in law enforcement. Any submission by a current or former law enforcement officer will be treated with anonymity and confidentiality.  The Texas Cops & Communities, Inc. Whistleblower committeewill remain anonymous and operate independently from the Texas Cops & Communities, Inc. Board of Directors, the city of Houston and labor unions.

Findings that are substantiated will be escalated to reach a resolution that is absent of retaliation. Our fiduciary responsibilities to those who submit a claim of police misconduct or violations via mail include the following CAR attributes.

- Confidentiality
- Accountability
- Reasonable Care

Mail your completed confidential Whistleblower Complaint Form to PO BOX 154, Stafford, Texas 77497 (Attn: Texas Cops And Communities, Inc.)

* Police whistleblower is only for sworn and licensed police officers in the State of Texas!



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